The health and safety of our students and teachers is our number one priority as we look to reopen on August 3rd.  We are working closely with Fairfax County to make sure we comply with all COVID-related health regulations and have adapted the CDC recommendations for our learning environment.  Changes you will notice at the Early Learning Center include heightened sanitation procedures, daily health temperature screenings for teachers, parents and students, increased focus on hand washing and social distancing of students, and increased parent-teacher communication.  The following are some of the most common questions we have heard regarding the Center’s reopening process. If you have additional questions or concerns, please send them to


What measures will you be taking to increase the safety of students?

  • The Early Learning Center is working with Fairfax County to adapt CDC guidelines for child care centers that will enhance the safety of our students and teachers.  
  • All teachers will receive COVID prevention training prior to the start of school. All teachers and staff will undergo a health screening prior to the start of every school day and will use personal protective equipment throughout the school day.  
  • All individuals entering the center will be required to pass a temperature and health screening prior to entering the building. 
  • Students over the age of 3 will be encouraged to wear masks; all adults will be required to wear masks while interacting with children and while inside the building. Hand sanitization and good hygiene will be strongly emphasized and encouraged.
  • Our pick up and drop off procedures have been modified to accommodate required screenings. 
  • Classrooms have been deep cleaned and all soft toys removed.  All classrooms and common spaces have been modified to allow for social distancing.
  • Lunchtime routines have been modified to encourage distancing.
  • Playground equipment that cannot be easily cleaned will be made unavailable during playtimes.  

Will the students be expected to wear masks?

Students over the age of 3 will be encouraged to wear masks.  We understand that students may initially have problems keeping their masks on. Our teachers will work with students to help them adapt to this routine.

Will you be taking temperatures?

Temperature checks and health screenings will be required for all teachers, staff, adults and students entering the building.  These screenings will take place daily.

Will the students be allowed to play on the playground?

Students will be encouraged to play outside depending on the weather.  We will close down all playground equipment that cannot be easily cleaned, such as the large playground equipment.

How will you encourage social distancing?

Signs will be placed on the floor to indicate proper social distances. Classrooms will also be modified to promote distancing. Our teachers will work with students to help them understand the importance of distancing during this time and to get them comfortable with our new procedures.

How will parents be notified if there is a concern regarding the health of a student or teacher?

We currently have procedures in place for notification of sickness in a classroom, which will also apply to any known exposure to COVID either by a teacher or student.

Will the teachers be the same as before?

There will be changes.  We are currently in the process of assigning teachers and students to classrooms.  Due to the COVID situation, some teachers have chosen, for personal reasons, not to return to the classroom. We will be opening classrooms based on our enrollment. As a result, we may not offer the same range of classes, initially.  We are committed to growing our program and will be selecting the very best teachers available to work with our students.

How large will the classes be?

We expect to start with a class size of 8 – 10 students.  This is in line with the recommendations made by Fairfax County during Phase II. We will add additional classes as enrollment increases to keep our class size relatively low.  In the past, our goal was to have up to 15 students in our pre-K classes, and up to 12 students in our classes with younger students.

If I don’t feel comfortable enrolling my child in August, can I enroll them later?

We would love to have your child attend our center, whenever they are ready to do so.  If we have an opening at the time your child is ready to re-enroll, we will do everything possible to make that transition as seamless as possible.  However, we cannot promise that there will be available openings in any classroom, even for returning students.

Will tuition rates change with the reopening?

The tuition rates per student have not been changed.


United Community Early Learning Center rates 2020:

Ages                                   Weekly Rates Monthly Rates

Infants (6wks-15mo.)                    $410               $1775

Toddlers (16 mo.23 mo.)             $400                $1732

Early Preschool (24mo.-3yrs)      $350               $1515

Pre-K (3yrs-5yrs)                            $350               $1515